Want to Add Your Own Personalized Stamp to Your New Kitchen?

Will Your Kitchen Remodelling Contractor Know What to Do with Unfinished Cabinetry?

When using a kitchen remodelling contractor, most homeowners look for ways to personalize their cabinetry. Unfinished kitchen cabinets are excellent ways to add customised colors, stains, or design options to ensure they are totally unique. The front frames and doors of kitchen cabinets are left bare, and the sides and toe kicks as well, so custom design choices can be added later with the help of your remodelling contractor.

The box of cabinets come in various materials, all depending upon the manufacturer. Other manufacturers could veneer the sides using thin sheets of plywood. The more expensive cabinets come with an all plywood construction and have the distinctive wood grain on all sides and the layers of boards of an unfinished kitchen cabinet.

The face frame and doors could be manufactured from different kind of wood. Most will use red Oak, as it is a popular for consumers that like the bold look of wood grain for their kitchen design. Red Oak is a more durable wood and is less susceptible to damage from use as time goes by. Other popular wood options are Maple, Pine, and Birch. These will come with a finer grain design than Oak and take on stains and finishes differently.

An unfinished cabinet will have to be sanded by your kitchen remodelling contractor before any finish is used. When sanding, some manufacturers will recommend two separate types of grit for sandpaper: a coarser for the first sanding and a finer grain for the last pass. To finish, most homeowners may want an oil based stain or satin paint to add color to the wood. If the cabinet has been stained, an extra layer of protection can be used along with a polyurethane or topcoat.

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