Tips for Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel

Why Go for an Open Shower?

In the past, showers were just shower heads installed in an already existing bathtub. Modern showers have come a long way from their roots, typically installed in a separate bathroom area from the bathtub to improve convenience, functionality, and aesthetics. More people are opting for a bathroom remodel and incorporating an open shower space – you should too! Here’s why:

Easy Cleaning

Because of the flat surfaces and lack of nooks and crannies, a walk-in shower is simple to maintain and keep clean. Compared to a conventional shower enclosure, the glass walls and tiled floors require significantly less cleaning time.


You can adjust the size of a walk-in shower during installation to fit in any bathroom dimension. Installing this kind of shower will be easy, even if your bathroom is small or has an unusual layout.

Easy Access

As an alternative to traditional shower stalls, walk-in showers are easier to enter and exit, making them ideal for those with mobility issues. They make entering the shower much safer by doing away with the need to step over a high ledge or negotiate a tall threshold.

Minimalist Design

Since there are no doors or shower curtains in a walk-in shower, maintenance is much easier. Most of today’s models are made of glass walls with a frameless appearance, so they blend into your bathroom’s design rather than drawing attention to themselves.

More Space

Even in compact bathrooms, a walk-in shower gives the impression of more room than there is. The shower area can finally be seen when a shower door is removed. The total square footage of your bathroom is increased by this addition, giving the illusion of more space.

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