Kitchen Renovation Design Tips

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015

Today, our kitchen remodeling specialists will present you some renovation design trends for 2015. If you would like to have a modern and cozy cooking/dining area, we recommend you to read this post to its very end!

Painting and wall decoration:

  • Cafe style decors as well as vintage settings have become very trendy for home decoration this year, and this tendency will continue next year. What does this mean? Brick wall look (natural or white), accents with chalkboard paint, lots of framed art, walls covered with natural wood.

  • Carvings and walls painted, with paints that imitate rustic looks, are another really trendy option. Blue, light green, black, white, and natural wood nuances are the most common options that homeowners choose.


  • What homeowners should look for when selecting cooking and food preparation surface materials is durability, low-maintenance, and style. Marble and granite are ideal choices.

  • If you are looking for a more budget-friendly solutions, consider different other decorative stones which can be easily found.


  • If food storage used to be placed out of your kitchen, now the tendency is to build more storage cupboards and drawers, customized to fit the wall curves in the room. Clear kitchen designs are no longer tolerated that much, and you can bring in as many of your foodstuffs as you want, as long as you add enough cupboards to fit all of them. Of course, this does not mean to over-clutter the space. Your kitchen remodeling contractor should be able to consult you on what will be considered to be over the top.


  • Bar tables are now preferred by homeowners because they not only save space but are much more affordable. There are plenty of options that furniture stores in Memphis, TN offer.

  • DIY bar chairs. If you already have a kitchen bar table but you don’t know what type of chairs to get, you can restore your old ones by repainting them or make some yourself. There are many websites with creative design ideas. What’s more, you can always ask the kitchen remodeling specialists of Inside And Out Home Improvement Dba for some ideas! Call us now at (901) 290-9659!