A Short Plan for Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen – Part 1

Our Remodeling Contractor Knows How to Help You Build the Summer Kitchen you Will Love

Adding an outdoor kitchen to a home is definitely not a job that every remodeling contractor in Memphis, TN can handle. It involves a lot of planning, material purchasing, and calculations in order to make sure that it is located conveniently and has everything that you need. In order to make sure that the specialists you have hired will cover all of the necessary planning and construction points, our team has decided to provide you with some tips on what you need to consider in 2 posts. We will continue the topic next week!

Practical Tips

The location of your outdoor kitchen and the equipment you need can affect the installation/placement of your gas, water, and electricity supply. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Electricity. Provide ample electric (GCFI) outlets. Include task, ambient, and safety lighting, but do not overwork yourself on this one. One of the top 3 outdoor kitchen design mistakes is insufficient lighting.

  • Plumbing. First of all, you need to follow the local codes when deciding whether you want to dispose of your waste water into existing water waste lines or recycle it into your garden. Then, you need to make sure that your plumbing can be winterized. And finally, you need to discuss with your plumber whether you will just need cold water or you will want hot water as well so he can decide how to design the system and whether it has to be connected to a water heater.

  • Gas. You need to plan for an appropriate pipe diameter to supply the required total BTU capacity.

Stay tuned to the rest of our tips! Meanwhile, you can always call Inside And Out Home Improvement Dba at (901) 290-9659 and ask our remodeling contractor for a brief consultation over the phone or on-site.