4 Mistakes in Kitchen Design You Have to Avoid

A Reliable Kitchen Remodeler Shares Helpful Tips

Remodeling or upgrading any part of a home is tough, but when it comes to improving your kitchen, you have to do some really serious strategic planning. If you misplace anything in that room, it can become hard to use, and you may not be able to maneuver around easily. To help you avoid any mistakes when designing your kitchen, we have gathered some tips from a reliable kitchen remodeler that we are sharing with you.

Not enough space on the countertop

Sure, having enough storage space is really important, but overpowering the countertops with cabinets can make cooking really uncomfortable. Keep that in mind, and make sure that your are leaving enough space when you are doing the renovation project. If you can, try adding a kitchen island in which you can add some extra storage space.

Following the trends

Trends are awesome, but they don’t last for a very long time, and when they go out of style, you will be left with an outdated kitchen. Thus, instead of going for something extremely trendy, choose a timeless design. Such a design will last you years to come and can even help you sell your house faster at a better price, if you ever decide to do so.

Poor outlet placement

Make sure to find really good places for the outlets in the kitchen. You will thank yourself later when you can plug every device you need easily anywhere in the room. If you don’t want them showing, you can hide them in the cupboards or integrate them in the backsplash. This is up to you, but just make sure you have enough of them.

No efficient storage

When you are picking cabinets, consider the storage fixtures you can add to them. Many homeowner ignore storage tools like lazy Susans and pull out shelves because they don’t think they are needed. However, it’s easier to have any of those things installed during the renovation rather than later on when you realize this was a great idea. In order to avoid inefficient storage usage, you should ask your kitchen remodeler about those features and get ones that will work best for you.


If you want to avoid those mistakes as well as many others and get amazing final results, you need to consider working on such a remodeling project with experts. If you live in Memphis, TN, you should get the assistance of Inside And Out Home Improvement Dba. You can give us a call at (901) 290-9659 to get more information about what we have to offer.