Want a Kitchen and Bathroom Your Friends Will Envy You For?


What’s hot in kitchens?

Every homeowner wants a sit down kitchen and a large island due to the fact there are more social activities centered around food and cooking. We often remove walls and open up the kitchen to family rooms or dining rooms.

Kitchens are the biggest remodeling projects because it’s just one part of a house which feels the most outdated and usually finished in the style of the time period the house was first built. What homeowners are looking for today, says a professional kitchen & bathroom remodeler, goes back to farmhouse ideas of kitchens as being the heart of a home, having cooking on one part, and a large kitchen table on the other part. Many homeowners are looking for center islands, pull-out drawers and walk in pantries.


What’s the latest trend in bathroom designs?

Layered lighting is the key for the women of the house to put on make-up, shaving and ambient lighting is also a great touch. Radiant under floor heat provides a more spa like feel. The full-glass-door on shower is taking over the bathtub.

People now understand the dynamics of a dual-flush toilet. There’s much more to choose from and better design quality with water saving features. And if you are limited with space, just put in an oversized shower and remove the bathtub altogether.

Bathrooms are becoming more open with more natural light and sometimes have views of nature seen from the shower or sink. Put in integrated cabinetry highlighting a separate sink area. The vanity cabinet can look to float off the floor housing lighting beneath. And having a state of the art multiple shower head is in vogue also.