Tips and Tricks When Remodelling Your Bathroom

Large items like the vanity top and on order tile could take a few weeks to arrive, so you need to be patient. Before taking a hammer to your bathroom, ensure everything you will need, such as plumbing fixtures, vanity, new lighting, the bathtub and tile, is close to hand. You will get frustrated waiting for products, however, it’s much better than ripping out your fixtures, thus being left with a bathroom you are not able to use. Also, when everything is at hand, it gives you a better idea of how much work you need to do, like moving the plumbing for the new sink or installing new cable for the lights; also, make sure you have the skills and knowledge on how to perform all these jobs, otherwise, you may be calling on the services of local remodeling companies before you know it.

Think about your choices
Home centres only have a limited choice of vanities and tops, and special orders take up to four to six weeks to be delivered, so look at other places. Independent local suppliers that specialize in natural stone may provide a wider choice in tops. They could also offer custom cut tops that can fit unusual spaces. You could be surprised about how cheap these tops are.