A Short Plan for Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen – Part 2

You Still Need a Remodeling Contractor for Your Outdoor Kitchen Construction?

In order to keep our promise from last week, today, we will continue the topic about adding an outdoor kitchen, and we will list some additional free tips. For reference, you may read our previous post first.

Tips on functional zones and equipment
Your remodeling contractor will most probably advise you to break up your kitchen into 4 functional zones:
Hot zones. Grills, cooktops, pizza ovens, etc.
Dry zones. These are the food prep areas and counters, as well as storage cabinets.
Wet zones. Sinks and ice reservoirs, beverage tubs, etc.
Cold zones. Refrigerators, freezers, wine chillers, etc.

Dedicate plenty of space to each functional zone, especially the dry ones, and choose your equipment wisely. The equipment that you will have to use depends on the style of outdoor cooking and the type of entertainment that you want to do. The most common options remain: grilling, pizza cooking , wok cooking, as well as wine storage and beer dispensing.

Quality equipment is a must for any kitchen, but so is having enough open counter space and prep room beside each appliance. The second top mistake of homeowners who plan an outdoor kitchen themselves is not providing enough landing area space between the appliances which will allow them to lay plates or utensils.

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